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Welcome to Hotel Savvy - Eliminating Commissions and Booking Fees

That's the Hotel Savvy story in a nutshell. We're a group of hospitality veterans, including many hotel owners, marketers, distribution fanatics, and tech nerds. Commissions and booking fees have always been a part of the online travel landscape, but they've gotten out of control, eating away at hotel revenue and driving rates up for the consumer. That's making it harder for hotels to deliver a great guest experience (and still be profitable). Hotel Savvy is out to eliminate both commissions and booking fees.

For customers, the online booking service fees are hidden in a myriad of ways, and guests are not only paying more for hotel stays, but they are also losing out on their coveted hotel reward points.

We're eliminating the middleman, connecting hotel inventory directly to the booking customer.

Two players dominate online travel booking (see the truth on that here), each with billions of dollars in revenue and advertising spend.

How can Hotel Savvy compete?

For hotels: We succeed by growing our hotel subscriber members, who will keep more of their revenue, enabling them to offer great deals to our loyal customers. The booking volumes won't happen overnight, but they will happen. With Hotel Savvy, hotels have one brand to promote and sell their net rates.

For customers: We bring you private rates from your favorite hotel brands, with a free basic membership and your loyalty rewards for every stay.

We're just getting started, and we can't wait to hear from you as we build travel's next big thing.


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