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Sell your hotel 24/7 from every device

Pay no commissions

Process all payments

Keep more of your room revenue

Grow your direct customer relationships

Go home early

Check out all the benefits to your hotel here.

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One low monthly fee covers your hotel setup and listing on the live booking site.  A 12-month commitment is required (compare this to your monthly commissions to the major OTAs). 


Your hotel loads your net rates and inventory using our rate code in GDS (instructions will arrive via email).


Not GDS connected? We can help! Please inquire here for details on getting connected. 


Represent multiple hotels or a larger property?

Great! We have special pricing programs. Please schedule a quick call at your convenience. 

Hotel Savvy Benefits

  • What does the monthly hotel subscription cover?
    By selling your hotel on Hotel Savvy, you are completely alleviating commissions and booking service fees for bookings through this platform. Paying one fee a month covers the hotel setup, rate loading support, and web development. The majority of your subscription fee also goes to brand marketing and distribution. Your initial month covers setup, and the recurring monthly charge will begin only when the site goes live. Note: prices are subject to change - so sign up right now!
  • How do I enroll my hotel?
    Simple! Click here, and sign up for a monthly hotel subscription. The first month's fee covers your hotel onboarding to the site (become a featured hotel for a slightly higher fee). The subsequent months payments don't start until we go live for reservations. You'll receive a confirmation email with instruction on loading rates to our rate code. You'll also have web access to edit your hotel content, view your bookings, and download reports.
  • Why can't we pay per booking?
    Your hotel already pays significant fees and commissions. We operate under a software as a service (SaaS) model, which provides the funding necessary for brand marketing. It's a unique (and brilliant) way to compete with the big brands. Your hotel gets advertising exposure in Hotel Savvy search results - and of course you get bookings with no fees or commissions.
  • When will I see bookings?
    It takes time to build a brand, and the better your deals the faster you'll see results. We encourage you to offer great net-rate deals, participate in day-rate room programs and we're continually marketing your hotel through many distribution channels.
  • When does the site go live?
    Our hotel signup process is ongoing and we expect to launch in the next 90 days. Note that you are only charged the initial setup (first month's subscription). The next charge won't be made until we go live. There will be a 'soft launch', with the formal launch and marketing push about 30 days later.
  • What other hotels will be on the site?
    Any hotel can subscribe, as long as you have inventory available in GDS (specficially Apollo/Gallielo). Odds are, your hotel is already live in GDS - you can lookup your hotel here. If you need help with rate loading, our team will assist.
  • What does my hotel listing look like?
    When you sign up, you'll be asked for your hotel description, amenities, and images. Once set up, you'll be able to edit this content through your Hotel Savvy dashboard. This is a great opportunity for updated photos and your own marketing content.
  • How do I control my inventory and rates?
    Rates and inventory should be loaded based on the rate-loading instructions you receive at signup. We have customer support lined up, including GDS support at various brands.
  • Who handles customer service?
    Once the guest books on Hotel Savvy, they receive an immediate confirmation number from your hotel system. Once booked, the guest will be referred to your hotel to manage payment, changes, cancellations and services.
  • Who charges the customer's credit card?
    You do! The hotel charges for the guest's stay based on the terms you set forth when loading rates and inventory.
  • Can I offer cash discounts if guests want to pay in cash on arrival?
    Yes. Please note these discounts to us during your onboarding process, and be sure to note them in your terms when uploading rates and inventory
  • Can I write off my Hotel Savvy subscription?
    Typically, your Hotel Savvy subscription is a deductible business expense, categorized as advertising. However, this should be confirmed with your accountant regarding your tax situation.
  • What is your policy on data privacy?
    Here is our privacy policy for travelers booking on the Hotel Savvy platform. Here is our privacy policy for hoteliers subscribing to our platform.
Hotel Benefits
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